Our Dance Sport

We are affiliated with the Bjelke Petersen School of Physical Culture (BJP) and follow their National Syllabus. BJP has a long and proud history of over 130 years promoting “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Physie is a unique fusion of dance and sport and combines a variety of dance styles in structured classes that are skills and routine based.

Physie is not only regular classes, but a competition-based dance sport and, although not compulsory, most girls from 5 years compete in both the BJP Champion Girl Competition and the BJP Teams Competition.

“Physie is an elegant way of developing not only fitness but also grace, strength and focus in our girls and women. At BJP, what we are most proud of is how Physie weaves its way throughout the lives of Australian families. Generations of women have discovered lifelong friendships, a true sense of community and a sport for life in Physie.”

Jackie Rawlings, BJP Physical Culture

Our Club

Mosman Physie is a not-for-profit Community Club. The Club was founded in 2008 and quickly grew to become one of the premier clubs in Australia.

We are a family community, and it is that sense of community combined with excellent and passionate teachers that develop confidence, positive relationships, and success.

We strive to nurture and develop dance in a fun and friendly environment.

All teachers and helpers are volunteers. Active parent involvement and support enhances Mosman Physie and helps deliver an affordable form of dance to members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Physie is performed in bare feet. No footwear is worn.

Class and Performance: Tiny Tots wear the Mosman leotard and fluffy tiered skirt – they just love it!

Class Only: Junior girls wear their choice of leotard, performance wear or dance shorts and fitted top; no skirts.

Class Only: Teens, Seniors and Ladies wear fitted exercise gear.

Competitions and Performances for all girls from 5 Years: BJP regulation competition leotards or performance wear is required.

A free trial lesson is always available at any time of the year.

Competitions are open to all girls from 5 years – beginners too! Competitions are not compulsory; however, our experience shows that it is involvement in competitions that helps girls grow in confidence and self-esteem. It also provides a unique opportunity for girls and ladies to display and take pride in how hard they work and show their progress.

The unique physie camaraderie engendered at competitions and performances strengthens the social and emotional development of all members.