Come And Join Us At Mosman Physie – It’s Fun!

2018 Open Day and Registration, 3rd February, Mosman Masonic Hall 9am – 1pm.

Physie is a great way to keep fit while also having fun and learning skills and routines. Girls learn co-ordination, rhythm, flexibility, posture and grace. Classes and competitions are also a great way to boost confidence and self-esteem.

When should I start physie?

Classes are available for girls from 3 years old. However you are never too old to join! We have many mums joining our ladies class as beginners after seeing the benefits physie has given their daughters. February is a great time to join classes as all girls will be learning a new year’s syllabus. But members are also welcome to join our classes at any stage during the year!

What should I wear?

Physie is performed in bare feet. Tiny Tots wear the Mosman leotard; Junior girls wear their choice of leotard; Ladies wear fitted exercise gear. All members may purchase Mosman physie leotards, leggings, shorts and tops.

What do classes involve?

The Tiny Tots class for 3 and 4 year old girls is designed to develop the fundamentals of physie. Girls learn the relationship of movement to music, musical interpretation and rhythm. Simple routines are taught to nursery rhymes and modern music with lots of wriggles and giggles.

From ages 5 and over girls are taught the age appropriate BjP syllabus with fun routines to modern music. There is emphasis on positions and correct technique with routines including elements of jazz, ballet, contemporary dance, hip hop and aerobics.

Parents are most welcome to sit at the back of the class and watch their child’s progression.


What are the costs?

Physie is an inexpensive form of dance. There is an annual registration fee; low cost class fees, the cost of one regulation competition leotard for girls 5 years and over – and that’s all! As we are a not-for-profit community club we are able to keep our fees to a minimum.

Like to try?

Sign up, come to watch a class or have a free trial lesson! Please contact us for further information.