• Teamwork


    The enjoyment of being in a team is a feeling that can provide lifelong memories.

    But teamwork can also help develop strength of character. Girls learn that they are part of a group that must co-operate and follow rules to achieve a common goal. They learn to respect every member of their team and to recognize that every member is important.

    They learn the value of honouring a long-term commitment. They learn to combine competitiveness with integrity.

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  • Friendship


    Friendship – that special bond that provides not just a warm feeling, but a sense of belonging and fulfillment – a bond that is strong even when separated by distance.

    Physie friendships become lifelong friendships.  They begin with the joy of a shared activity, grow into a mutual understanding and become a strong and supportive network.  These friendships even become intergenerational and empower women to network in the wider world.

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  • Thoughts from a young Physie girl


    I am following my dream…my dream is to dance. To follow your dream is not some sort of fantasy, daydream or fairy tale. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of time, but the rewards are much greater than any of the hard work.

    You are happy to spend hours and hours practising what you love. When you’re not physically practising you are training or thinking about it, going through the moves and routines in your mind. Even when I miss out on birthday parties or outings I don’t mind. All I feel is immense joy in doing what I love.

    My passion has given me many opportunities that I would never have dreamed of. In competitions I have come anywhere from 1st place to no place at all. This has taught me that in life you don’t always win. You just keep going, keep learning and have fun all along the way.

    Music moves me to dance. There is nothing better than to follow your passion. That passion for me is physie!


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  • A Sense of Community


    Sport and recreational activities help to build a sense of community through social inclusion and a sense of connection. It is this sense of community that fosters self-esteem and self-confidence. Research shows that this sense of belonging is also a key factor in children becoming more resilient.


    When the whole family becomes involved in a sport or recreational community the shared experiences can help to bind the family together. Children thrive with parental involvement – and there are always ways for parents to be involved in community groups. Whether it is volunteering time, helping out with transportation, selling tickets, attending social events – or even participating in the activity itself – children take pride in their families’ involvement. This goes a long way towards children becoming well-adjusted, happy adults.


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  • Physie Girls…

    practice success

    • are great listeners
    • are fast learners
    • have great memories
    • know how to work hard
    • listen to advice
    • stretch
    • love practising
    • are prepared
    • love performing
    • never give up
    • are always learning
    • are great team members
    • are confident
    • are happy


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  • Success Runs in the Family!

    ngo bowl

    What a year! In 2013 Annabelle Ngo joined Mosman Physie. She loved coming to class, learning skills and routines and practising hard. By competition time Annabelle was looking forward to performing. She was astounded at her success, reaching the National semi-finals in her very first year of physie!

    In 2013 Annabelle’s dad had some success too! He won the first season of Master Chef Vietnam! Ngo Thanh Hoa used his considerable talents to blend both Asian and European cuisine, cooking simple, yet unique dishes to take out the finale. Hoa said that cooking helps him gain composure, patience and self-satisfaction.

    What wonderful achievements for this dedicated and accomplished father and daughter twosome!


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  • Happy Easter Everyone!

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  • About Posture

    About Posture

    3 12s

    Posture is the relative alignment of your body parts to one another and means different things when you are sitting, standing and dancing.

    Having correct posture places your muscles and joints in the correct position to work at their optimum efficiency

    Here are 3 simple steps you can take to help your posture:

    1. Think tall – just by thinking tall, lifting your chest and looking straight ahead you improve your posture.

    2. Sit straight – do not slouch – at school, home or work.

    3. Keep your chin tucked in so that your ears are in line with your collarbone.

    Skeletal Therapist, Dell-Maree Day, from The Sydney Posture School says, “I have spent 30 years involved in sport for children and adults and I have been astounded by all that ‘Physie’ offers both girls and women.
    It develops healthy, responsive muscles and quite literally transformed my daughter’s physique. The dance based curriculum strengthens and lengthens muscles simultaneously and ‘physie’ bodies are based first and foremost in good posture. This is a lifelong asset.
    Unique to ‘Physie’, the physical body challenge is appropriate for girls and women of all body types and abilities. As a result this helps girls/women build self-confidence and great body awareness which has been the case for my daughter. It is her fourth year of ‘Physie’ at the Mosman Physical Culture Club. This club has taught my daughter so much about etiquette, sportsmanship and personal challenge in an environment of fun and friendship.

    I am so glad we found Mosman Physie as the teachers are exceptional and dedicated to the girls and women of the club.

    I highly recommend Mosman Physie to any mother and daughter who is looking for healthy challenging exercise that has a strong history and tradition yet is so current, effective and fun.”

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  • Easter Show!

    Easter Show!

    Easter Show 2014It’s Easter Show time! The Main Arena will once again be the setting for a massed display of physie!  It’s always a proud moment when the announcer calls the BJP Physie girls on to the field. See if you can spot our Mosman girls dancing in the Showground Stadium on the opening night. The fun starts around 6pm on Thursday 10th April.

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  • More From Our Fans…

    More From Our Fans…

    IMG_2598My 13 year old daughter is now in her 4th Year with Mosman Physie and she absolutely loves it.  She loves the dance syllabus, the fun, the friendships she has made, the team work and the competitions.  Mosman Physie is very much a family friendly, warm and welcoming Club where everyone is included.

    We have the most wonderful teachers who are amazing role models to our young girls, inspiring them to be the best they can be and to have fun.  There is always something new and exciting happening within the Club and always much to look forward to.  We love Mosman Physie so much and we love to share the experience, so much so, our 3 year old niece has now joined and she is also a “Mosman Physie Girl!”

    Being involved with Mosman Physie has been the making of our daughter and we are so excited for the future of the girls and the Club. Lauren

    I cannot thank the Mosman Physie Club enough for the confidence and joy it has given my daughter over the last 6 years, her poise, carriage and demeanour as a teenager have been very strongly influenced by learning Physie. In addition, she has made some wonderful friendships and our whole family enjoys the Mosman Physie community life including club get togethers, competitions and fund raising activities. The Club is very professionally organised and run and the teachers are passionate about Physie and beautiful teachers. Justine

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  • And the Oscar goes to…

    And the Oscar goes to…


    Many congratulations to Golden Girl and Mosman Physie supporter Beverley Dunn who, with Catherine Martin, won the Academy Award for the set decoration and production design for The Great Gatsby.  Bev was responsible for fashioning the splendor of the Gatsby mansion and recreating the New York period setting. What a fantastic achievement!

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  • What our fans say…

    What our fans say…

    Pink HeartsInspiring

    Abby loves going to Mosman Physie. She is so enthusiastic and works really hard. It’s really a credit to you guys how you can inspire confidence and enthusiasm in someone so young. Thanks for inspiring her! Luzvi

    Family friendly

    Mosman Physie represents the essence of BJP Physie. It is a club where mothers and daughters share a Physie bond; a place where you are welcomed no matter who you are, where you come from and what your ability is. Mosman Physie is warm, friendly and fun. Both my daughter and I were counting down the days over summer till the physie year started again.  I love Mosman Physie. Ann

    Role Models

    I have had three daughters participate in this community orientated club. The Quinn girls who lead this sport are role models to our young daughters. This is fabulous for us mums, to have dynamic, selfless, energised women to show the way and support girls as they grow mentally through this physical outlet. Belle

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  • Mossy’s welcome

    Mossy’s welcome

    The last 12 months have been very exciting for Mosman Physie teachers, with both Nikki and Heidi getting married and Chelsea being bridesmaid twice!

    How lucky the girls were to have two absolutely perfect days with beautiful sunshine and family, friends and physie girls all joining in the celebrations in Kangaroo Valley and Mosman.





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